Wuala Is the Greatest

UPDATE: Wuala is no longer the greatest!

www.wuala.com is simply the best option for storing and accessing your data online. What sets Wuala apart from all the others (Dropbox, Box.net, ADrive) is the option to trade storage. That means that you can configure your Wuala client to use part of your computer’s idle local disk space for additional online storage. As an example, you could trade 100 GB on your computer and get up to 100 GB of additional online storage in return. If you are like me, and leave your computer on all day, you can quickly earn extra space. Best of all, its free! Here are some other great features

  • Cross-platform client (win, mac, linux, android, iphone)
  • Native file-system intergrations (mounts like a usb drive)
  • Free (also optional purchase extra storage at a fair price)
  • Easy share your files with Wuala friends

Not convinced yet? Checkout their sweet video tour:

Wuala runs on some seriously awesome technology. You can learn all about how wuala works (specifically, its trade storage feature) here

Paul Soucy

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