TinyStep - Lightweight Obj-C Foundation Alternative

TinyStep is an alternative to Objective C’s Foundation library. TinyStep is not just another open-source implementation of the Foundation library like GNUStep-base or Cocotron (both excellent project by the way). Rather, TinyStep seeks to implement only the primitive and essental programing constructs such as lists, strings, hashtables, etc. Also, TinyStep diverges from the standard Foundation classes in some significant ways. For example, instead of providing a NSArray class, TinyStep provides a TSList protocol with TSLinkedList and TSArrayList implementations. In this way, TinyStep follows more closely with Java’s core libraries.

TinyStep is built from the ground up with portability in mind. Initially, TinyStep will target iOS, Android, i386, and x64, but will hopefully add more in the future.

Check out the code at: The TinyStep GitHub project site

Paul Soucy

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