Android Lightweight Timer

Introducing: LightweightTimer. LightweightTimer allows to schedule tasks for repeated future execution. It pretty much serves the same purpose of Java’s Timer class, but does not »


*DevsmartLib is hosted at GitHub * The DevsmartLib is a collection of Android utilities and widgets hosted at GitHub. My hope is »

Android EqualSpaceLayout

The EqualSpaceLayout is a subclass of ViewGroup that is similar to LinearLayout, however it does not distort the sizes of its child view. EqualSpaceLayout will divide »

Easy Android File Cache

Download code here [download id=”2″] Licensed under MIT License Copyright (c) 2011 Paul Soucy, ( When writing mobile apps, you should constantly »

Android Horizontal ListView

Due popularity, I have decided to create a GitHub repo for this project. Please checkout the code at: Pull requests are »