Java Application Installers

I have a Java Swing app that I am preparing for general release and have been looking for a package and install solution. Specifically, I am looking for:

  • Package my jar file into a installer exe that will create a shortcut on the desktop
  • Installation of Java if needed or even better installer package comes with embedded JRE so no separate Java install is needed
  • Cross-platform installer would be nice but Windows users are first priority
  • Low/No Cost

There are several options out there, but my favorite so far is Packr. Packr is an open-source java packager developed by the guys at libGDX. Basically, with a quick command line, you can package your jar into a native executable for windows, mac, and linux. Whats nice is this solution embeds any JRE that you choose. Big thanks to the libGDX guys!

Paul Soucy

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