How to setup an Urban Terror Server

Urban terror is a free multiplayer first-person shooter that is a lot of fun to play and has a vibrant player community. This post describes how to set up a dedicated server to host your own urban terror parties with your friends.

Step 1:Download Urban Terror on your server machine and unzip. The install zip comes bundled with the dedicated server executable, so there is no need to download anything extra.

Step 2: Edit the server config file: q3ut4/server.conf
The server.conf file has good comments describing what everything does. Read through it and edit to your preferences.

Step 3: Make sure port 27960 is open on your firewall/nat
If your dedicated server is running from home, this usually involves making a config change on your home router. Don’t know how to do this? Google Port Forwarding, noob.

Start the Server:

./ioUrTded.i386 +exec server

This line starts the Urban Terror dedicated server and executes the server.conf file you just edited.

Join your new server automatically
Write a little bash script for yourself to quickly join your server:

For mac: +connect

RCON for administering your server while playing on it

/rconpassword *
/rcon status
/rcon say “Message Goes here..”
/rcon set [any of the game settings, see server.conf]

Checkout the ultimate RCON guide for much more details:

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