*DevsmartLib is hosted at GitHub *

The DevsmartLib is a collection of Android utilities and widgets hosted at GitHub. My hope is to continuously add and refine reusable Android components and share them with you. I hope you find this library useful. Please feel free to contribute. Forks and pull requests are welcome :-)

Licensed under MIT License Copyright (c) 2011 Paul Soucy, (

DevsmartLib is SDK 1.6+ compatible.

How to use it
DevsmartLib is a Android Library. You don’t have to cut-paste the code into your project! Instead, please read this documentation on how to add a reference to a library project.

Whats included:

  • HorizontalListView – a ListView-like layout that scrolls horizontally! Read more here
  • EqualSpaceLayout – like LinearLayout, but does not distort the sizes of child views

Paul Soucy

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