Array Allocation in Java

I have been doing a lot of work lately trying to get my Android Java project to run faster. The problem I quickly found was that »

Machine Learning Evolution

I stumbled upon this really cool use of evolving neural network application. This demo uses a method called Neuroevolution to train the robot Mario player. The »

Cross Compiling for Windows

Step 1: Install minGW-w64 compile tools The MinGW project provides a GNU compiler toolchain for Microsoft Windows. The MinGW-w64 project is a newer fork of the »

Staple Virtual Method Calls

Staple can now make virtual method calls! Another significant milestone. Here is a screenshot of the debug action. The output is: “f.calc() is 12″ [![Staple »

Staple Debug Symbols

I have been doing a lot of work recently on building a compiler for my own programming language: Staple. Just last night, I got debug symbols »

Java Application Installers

I have a Java Swing app that I am preparing for general release and have been looking for a package and install solution. Specifically, I am »